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DH World Cup 2021 - Round 1 Leogang

DH World Cup 2021 - Round 1 Leogang

After a year of uncertainties, up and downs, schedule changes and a long training season we’re excited to see the international events and racing back in action and what better way to kick things off than with the first round of the DH World Cup!

Taking place in Leogang Austria, steady rain through the week had drenched the course ahead of practice. The muddy, slippery conditions led to numerous crashes, as riders pushed through the corners. The weather quickly turned around for a spectacular race day!

Go onboard with the Commencal/Muc-off team in this photo gallery and relive some of the best moments from the race including podium finishes with Thibaut Dapréla (2nd) and Amaury Pierron (3rd).

Myriam Nicole Rd1 DH World Cup Leogang
Round 1 kits. The team looking fresh in the Ice Palm jersey with white gravity pants.Photo @Kéno Derleyn

Myriam Nicole DH World Cup Leogang practice round
Myriam Nicole warming up ahead of practice round. Photo @Kéno Derleyn

Commencal Muc-off team riding Leogang World Cup 2021
Team run during practice.Photo @Kéno Derleyn

Myriam and Tristan during Leogang World Cup 2021
Myriam and Tristan observing the course and different line choices.Photo @Kéno Derleyn

Rain drops during practice round Leogang World Cup
Rain drops and wet conditions throughout practice made for an eventful day.Photo @Kéno Derleyn

Commencal Muc-off riding through muddy conditions
Muddy and slippery conditions even during Qualifying round.Photo @Kéno Derleyn

Myriam Nicole race run Leogang World Cup 2021
Sun is shining on race day. Myriam Nicole on her race run.Photo @Kéno Derleyn

Myriam Nicole over Redbull gap in Leogang World Cup
Myriam Nicole making the Red Bull gap jump.Photo @Kéno Derleyn

Myriam Nicole Commencal Muc-off Leogang World Cup 2021
Not the best day for Myriam, still a top 10 finish following two crashes.Photo @Kéno Derleyn

Amaury Pierron Leogang World Cup 2021
Amaury on a flying lap and making up for the quali stage.Photo @Kéno Derleyn

Amaury Pierron race run Leogang World Cup 2021
Amaury takes the fastest time and gets the chair with an impeccable run through the forest section of the course. No other rider could beat the time till the last two remaining.Photo @Kéno Derleyn

Thibaut Diprela across the finish line in the DH World Cup Leogang 2021
Thibaut Dapréla with the fastest run on the day and beats the time of Amaury.Photo @Kéno Derleyn

Thibaut Daprela World Cup Leogang 2021
Amaury congratulating Thibaut
What a performance by the team, super to see both Amaury and Thibaut on the podium.Photo @Kéno Derleyn

Amaru and Thibaut on podium Leogang 2021
What a way to start R1 of our partnership with the Commencal Muc-Off Team - a DHaRCO sandwich. Troy Brosnan (1), Thibaut Daprela (2), Amaury Pierron (3), Reece Wilson (4) and Benoît Coulanges (5). Photo @Kéno Derleyn