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Bike Radar reviews DHaRCO ladies kit

Bike Radar reviews DHaRCO ladies kit

Bike Radar takes a look at what makes DHaRCO work so well.

A bit of what they had to say:

"Well thought-out functionality has seen the DHaRCO men’s and women’s ranges become an increasingly common site on Australian trails, as well as in destinations that mountain bikers look to for future trends in the sport such as Queenstown and Whistler. So what exactly is making the company’s apparel stand out from the rest? We put the Ladies Gravity Shorts and matching 3/4 Sleeve Jersey to the test.

3/4 Sleeve Jerseys

There’s a lot to like about DHaRCO’s women’s 3/4 sleeve jersey. It’s feminine without being overly girly. It fits snug enough to keep the bugs out in the Australian summer. It’s bright and ‘pops’ in photos. And, given that jerseys rarely die, the colours – aqua, dazzling blue and black orchid – have been cleverly chosen so they’ll look the goods with two or three different pairs of shorts in the range so you can mix and match....

Ladies Gravity Shorts

The Ladies Gravity Shorts are the show stealer, with their superior performance rendering several other pairs of shorts in my wardrobe redundant. In fact, over the test period we’ve been surprised how many people ask about the DHaRCO Ladies Gravity Shorts, feel the softness of the fabric and then order a pair of their own.

The Gravity Shorts disappear from consciousness while riding, making the cleverness of the design easy to miss unless you’ve fought the limits of poorer products in the past. The secret to their success is in the proprietary material, which the company spent two years testing and developing before launching the range....."

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