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Magnus Manson

Dharco Rider Magnus Manson

Name: Magnus Manson
Hometown: Victoria BC Canada 
Sponsors: Forbidden Synthesis
Instagram: @magnusmanson

Favourite tune to listen to on the bike : S
ome weird house music vibes
Tell us about yourself, who are you and what makes you so rad? 

I am Magnus, I ride my bike as fast as I can, and I don’t give up when things get tough! 

Dharco Rider Magnus Manson



Competition or just riding?
I love both, but going fast as you can with the energy you feel from racing is hard to match with just a normal ride with the friends! 


What’s your all time favourite mountain biking trip?
California trips with my best friends riding all the best that Cali has to offer, with some sunshine, surfing and weight training!


What do you love about riding?
Speed, going fast makes me feel the most alive, you can’t get tickets for speeding on your bike so it’s better for me to go fast on my bike than in my car 😉



Dharco rider Magnus Manson Photo@callie_horwath



What you’re most proud of achieving through riding?
The mental ability to work through problems by making adjustments to the mind or body. Racing has taught me to be patient and relentless at the same time. You have to let the hard work pay off, but you have to always be trying to find something more at the same time, that lesson has melted into my entire life.


What's one tip you would give to a grom wanting to become a pro rider, or to someone looking to make their own path to success in the industry?
Be true to you, don’t look to hard at what you see on the internet, and find the things that make you happy and do them as much as you can while you can! Life is short and happiness is ultimately what it is about, so don’t do the things that make you miserable (unless they allow you to do the happy stuff 😉)