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Julia Long

Dharco Rider Julia Long

Name: Julia Long
Hometown:Whistler B.C
Sponsors: DHaRCO, Forbidden,Nobl Wheels, Chromag, North Shore Billet, Fox
Instagram: _julia_long_
Favourite tune to listen to on the bike:During a workout or pump up for a ride Kendrick Lamar: Swimming pools, and Doja Cat: Boss B*tch, are in my playlist at least once, or some Vince staples.

Julia Long

Photo@Derek Tsui

Tell us about your self, Who you are and what makes you so rad?I am one of the very fortunate people who got to grow up in the “mecca” of mountain biking that is Whistler (and sea to sky corridor). I have been a part of the sport since a young age doing summer camps, then grew to love it so much that I started racing XC in 2015. However I realised suffering for an hour straight was not for me, but riding fun long descents was, so I switched to enduro.

I am also a student studying kinesiology with a minor in psychology at Uvic to hopefully work with other athletes like myself in future and help discover what our incredible body and minds are capable of.

Contests or just riding? Why.I am quite a competitive person and have always competed in a variety of sports, so I race!

I am (planning on) racing 5 of the 8 EWS rounds as well as the National and local series, and may dabble in some DH as well (who knows what the year will bring)

Julia LongPhoto@Derek Tsui

What’s your all time favourite mountain biking trip? CRANKWORX, the best two weeks of the year. Get to see/meet some of the best mountain bikers in the world, do some races, meet others who are crazy (or crazier) about this sport. Just good vibes

What do you love about riding?I love the progression and freedom of it. Whether you go out for a ride with buddies or just to clear your head, you always end up in a positive mood and feel accomplished. It allows you to connect with the beautiful landscapes and environment and the community that cherishes it so much. Gives you a rush when you finally nail that line or hit a gnarly feature.

Julia Long
Photo@Derek Tsui

What you’re most proud of achieving through riding? I have never dropped out of race unless I really needed to. Even with blood, sweat and tears streaming down, I somehow persevered through it. A moment was the Whistler 2019 ews, the second last stage I fell into hella deep and hurt my ankle pretty bad but somehow finished and even won the last stage (in U21)! Mind over matter

One tip you would give to a grom wanting to become a pro rider like yourself.I don’t really consider myself a probut I guess try and ride with people who are a bit faster than you but know your limits. They will help you progress but also not pressure you to do something you know you can’t. Having a good support system of people who encourage and believe in you is so important towards your confidence and success.