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Name: Connor Mielke
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Sponsors: KWT Imports, Fox Suspension, Steel City Cycles, Norco Bicycles, DHaRCO Clothing, Maxxis, Funn
Discipline: Enduro and Downhill
Instagram: connormielke
Favourite tune to listen to on the bike: Sobercoaster 
Tell us about your self, Who you are and what makes you so rad? 
My name is Connor Mielke. I am an 18 year old girl from Australia who loves bikes and everything about them. My mum was a professional cross country rider so naturally I was on a bike from a young age and went to Australian MTB Interschools at Thredbo in Year 7 and instantly connected wit the racing side of MTB.I enjoy pushing myself to new limits and breaking down barriers. I also enjoy coaching the next generation of shredders and watching them progress. To some it up, I just love bikes!
Contests or just riding? Why?
I enjoy riding casually and hanging out with my mates but also love racing. I am a competitive person and strive to push myself and reach my full potential as a MTB Racer. The feeling at the end of a race run when you have pieced together the run you have imaged is so satisfying and I love it!
What’s your all time favourite mountain biking trip? 
I love Thredbo MTB Park, after all it is where I discovered racing and I actually spent the season there this year working in Jindabyne and riding my bike on the daily. Living the dream! However, my favourite MTB trip would have to be Maydena in Tazzie. Weather you make an adventure of it and catch the boat over with your mates or fly over, Maydena has so much to offer. Awesome food and riding, just the best vibe. The park staff are all legends and there is tracks for everyone. The Downhill Track is one of my faves but I love them all. If you can make the trip down there I would definitely recommend.
What do you love about riding? 
My favourite thing about riding is all the new friendships you make. The MTB community is like a big family, everyone is so supportive and always stoked for everyones achievements.
What you’re most proud of achieving through riding? 
I have been selected by Aus Cycling to race at DH World Championships this year which has been a goal of mine for quite a few years now. I am travelling overseas to race a few World Cups and Champs this year and am so proud to be selected as part of the Australian Team. It still hasn’t really sunk in that ill be racing with the best riders in the world! Cant wait to see how my times stack up on an international level and ride some tracks outside Australia for the first time.Will definitely be trip to remember.
One tip you would give to a grom wanting to become a pro rider like yourself. Don’t rush into it and don’t burn yourself out. Training is important but you need to work towards your goals. Your not gonna become the best rider overnight. Progression is key to maximising your potential. Start small and work your way up. Not every race will be a good one and that okay, tone it back 5% and stay on your bike. I learnt that the hard way and pushed too hard in my early days of racing and crashed all the time, I have found a pretty good balance now but it will take time.